I came in this morning and there was a safety warning…about Honda returnables on the tugger.

Uh oh.

I assumed I was to blame, since I was pulling Honda with the tugger yesterday.

My first thought was, let’s call her Hondamort. You know, like Voldemort from Harry Potter?

Yeah, there’s a chance I’m dating myself again.

She seems to have it out for me, right?

Then I thought, no. I’ll bet it was Motorcycle Kid. Random, I know. But that was what my instincts told me.

So I went to Eddie. “Am I in trouble?” I asked.

“Trouble? No. Why?”

So I told him I saw the safety warning. He said it was just protocol for everyone.

What happened was that the plant manager and Motorcycle Kid (yes, I nailed it) caught one of us newbies in the act, and were concerned about whether we knew all the rules.

I guess if you hit something in the aisle, depending on what it is, you’re subject to drug testing. Which is good to know, not because I’m on any illegal drugs, obviously, but because I had actually forgotten that, and I just think it’s important to realize how seriously they take even a clip around a corner.

It was probably me they saw, though. I was the one new person tugging Hondas yesterday.

How did I know it was MK? It’s simple. I am a victim of his constant surveillance. He’s always looking at me. And this wouldn’t be the first time this kind of thing has happened.

I had a supervisor with whom I often got in trouble, and I think it was because of all the focused attention to me, in particular, though in all honesty, they were probably targeting me at the time, anyway.

God only knows why all the looking at me. I don’t really get it. Why anyone would notice me.

Sorry, I know that’s mean of me to me.

I’m just being realistic. Or negative. Or I’m in that kind of mood.

Anyway, isn’t it weird how I just somehow knew it was him?

Gotta go.

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