Need Pancakes 👍

Not for me, for Aislyn. I’m mentally starting the shopping list.

Shane appears to be stalking Finny at the moment. He isn’t always nice to Finny, which makes me wonder if that’s why Finny is the way he is.

I wonder what fun and exciting adventures are in store today.

I still feel drowsy, like I want to go back to sleep. But I only just took my meds. Once they kick in, I’ll be fine.

I feel like this whole post, so far, I’ve been saying nothing. Maybe I should shop groceries first.

That’s what Desmond used to call it when he was little: shopping groceries. “General Hostible” was what Gramma watched on TV everyday. Mama Paul Taylor and Daddy Paul Taylor were Mama and Daddy’s full names.

Aislyn had some cute ones too: “a googie” was cookie. “Binger” was finger. “Delebome” was telephone. “Helidopter” helicopter.

She still calls munchkins “munchins” and pizza “peesa.”

She says hilarious things in total seriousness that I forget to write down.

There’s a possibility there might be some mild speech-languagey things going on with her, but she is still pretty young, and no one at school has come forward with any concerns.

All they talk about is how smart she is, but how she doesn’t lord it over the other kids at all, helps them, but also gives them a chance to figure things out.

She says she wants to be a teacher. It sounds like she kind of already is. She sure teaches me things everyday.

Funnily enough, Desmond wanted to be a teacher at her age, too. Now he likes to code, and course write and draw. He has many interests, and they’re not exactly all typical of a 10-year-old. Gaming, sure. But geography?

I’ve always said, he is an old soul.

I hope he gets to travel someday.

Poor Aislyn got stuck on the bus yesterday, forgot to get off at our stop, and Desmond was so worried. Derek was frantic on the phone with the school, the bus company, they got in the car to find the bus.

These are all the things that make me totally nervous about buses. I never had to take the school bus. I walked or got a ride.

Swampscott was a different place than Dover, though. Smaller. Safer.

Despite this debacle, I think they’re probably better off on the bus.

I think the whole ordeal only lasted 15 minutes, but of course we know in kid time, that must seem like hours.

It turned out okay. When Aislyn got home, Desmond gave her a big hug and they went upstairs and played together. I wasn’t here. I had my Naimark appointment. By the time I got home, there was peace again, but I felt awful for all of them.

Well, look at that. Must be my meds kicked in, cus I actually started talking about something. And now I’ll have to do groceries later because it’s time to go.

Have a wicked good Wednesday, my friends. Drive safely. As always, thanks for reading.

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