How am I Feeling Right Now? 👍

I’m feeling better than I was this morning. Mainly because I have to. You can’t go around being upset all day, after all.

Driving the tugger, weirdly, makes me feel better. I’m not getting as many steps, now that I drive more. But still kind of a lot. 12,000 yesterday.

I really want to read Ramona Quimby books to Aislyn. I want to read Louis Sachar with Desmond. I’m sad that I don’t.

Oh, no, I’m letting the sad in again. I can’t do that, right now. I have to work.

We’ve got another new guy, Levi. Levi the New Guy. Super quiet so far. I’m not sure how his English is. Super young.

I’m working with a bunch of kids! I feel like their mom, sometimes.

Okay, better go. Talk later.

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