Sherry B. made a good point about me heading south: “You’re gonna have to work with Finn, down there, honey, I dunno about that for you, you’re very sensitive.”

I said: “That is true. But it would really only be for about a month, because I won’t be taking Marla’s job until after my surgeries, which end in March, and then Finn’s retiring in April, and it’ll just be Angelo and me down there, and we work well together.”

Also Nina (is that what I named her?), and Marta, if Marta doesn’t go back to production. But I imagine she will. David in the last hour. So, a pretty good group, really.

But I’ll miss James and the kid. James said he would pray for me and my surgery. That was the nicest thing, I got all teary.

I found material planner advertised in Newfields through a temp agency. It’s Ray’s job, I think. I remember when it was posted last spring and I thought I might apply, but then Ray was promoted.

John is retiring, also, so I’m wondering if what is happening is that Ray will be promoted again to John’s job. Will Eddie then move up to material planner? Who would take Eddie’s job?

Who in the WH would want that job? David would probably be a good choice for them, but I don’t know him at all, just that he’s a good worker and still young enough for it to make sense.

I don’t think I would want it. Eddie works 6 days a week, and I think Ray did, too, in that role. And it’s only a slight pay increase, if memory serves. So, way more work for not enough money.

They wouldn’t offer it to me, anyway. I don’t even know the forklift, yet.


The tugger is nothing, now. I actually really like it. I’ve been all over the production floor on it with many carts attached and no problems. Only thing I haven’t done, yet, is attach Honda returnables to it and drive it around.

But the forklift is going to be much harder, I think.

Anyway, I don’t know a thing about the planner opening. It’s all 100% speculation on my part. I’m not even completely certain the job is for Hutchinson, I’m just assuming, because what else is there in Newfields?

It wouldn’t hurt to ask HR about the opening on Monday, would it?

…or would it?

If I ask them, they’ll know I was on indeed. If they know I was on indeed, they might think I’m going to jump ship.

Is it okay to look? Can they do anything if I’m just looking? Mainly, I’m looking for Hutch jobs that, for whatever reason, aren’t posted on the bulletin board at work. Because I do find some. They might be old, though. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

I am so lucky I have a friend now with an HR background. I can just ask him and see what he says before I go in and ask them.

Even if they are hiring again for planner, I doubt I’d be seriously considered. It seems like, just move Eddie up. Right?

But who knows? It’s worth asking, isn’t it?

I’ll at least talk to Evan about it. I just have to remember to do it.

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