Every Moment

I did very well until after I went to bed. Then I reverted back to old habits.

I’m not sure when that all started, the bedtime snacking. But it must’ve been sometime after I started the Depo, because the Depo drained me of all my energy, and I used caffeine to compensate.

So the habit is something like a year old.

So I imagine it will take some time to break it.

Also, I drank zero water, just caffeinated soda all day, so I was up a lot later than usual, which didn’t help.

Try again today. It’s a new week. A chance to start fresh. Every day is a chance to start fresh. Every moment is an opportunity to make a better choice.

I’m more successful when I look at it that way. All or nothing thinking is what gets me into huge trouble.

Obviously this past week will go down as a gain. We already know that.

But the new week is another chance for growth. Another chance for change.

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