Parks and Rec 👍

Parks and Recreation was one of my favorite television series. Number 2, I think. We’re binge-watching it right now.

My favorite episode is when Ben and Leslie are right on the verge of sharing their feelings for each other with each other, but the problem is that Ben is Leslie’s supervisor and Chris (Ben’s supervisor) doesn’t allow intradepartmental dating.

But then Chris unwittingly sends them on an overnight business trip together.

So, you know, it’s nothing super new, but it’s really well done. The tension is so funny.

I bother to mention it because I watched it without being on any devices for the first time ever the other night, and, oh my gosh, it’s even more hilarious that way.

I’m almost always multitasking when the TV is on. Usually, I’m doing this.

I won’t spoil it for you in case you ever want to explore the series. I’ll just say, it was one of the few good shows left on TV. That and the one season of Freaks and Geeks that happened.

And Portlandia.

The Office.

Reading Rainbow.

There’s a possibility I watch too much TV.

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