Funny, the title autocorrected to all caps.

Desmond has a couple of comic book series going. One of them is DESMAND, which he’s been writing for three years. He just shared Book 13 with me.

He is so creative. I am so proud of his stick-to-it-iveness.

He had career day yesterday, where he spoke to three different professionals: software engineer, kitchen manager, and senior consultant. The kitchen manager manages The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, which is an amazing UNH student hangout.

I know because I used to hang out there in my youth. Derek did, too. Ah, the memories.

There was also The Elvis Room, which is long gone, that hosted live music.

But I digress. Desmond and I had our usual wonderful Saturday morning chat. We talked about the many career choices he would have because he is so smart and well-rounded.

I told him some people are gifted in just one area, like, I am a good writer, although there are plenty of other things I might also be pretty good at, too. That I personally had somewhat of a range of paths I probably could’ve taken. Because I was smart in school. Not as smart as Daddy, maybe, but still quite smart.

But that he would likely have even more choices than I did, because he is so smart. And it’s okay that he doesn’t know what he wants to do, yet. He has so much time, still, to explore that and figure it out!

What I didn’t tell him: I’m 45, and I still don’t really know what I do.

As a former teacher, though, I believe fully in lifelong learning.

I’m not done with my dream of becoming a writer, either. It just hasn’t happened, yet. It might happen when the kids are older. It might happen when I’m retired. I hope I don’t have to wait that long, but if I do, I do.

I feel like there are other things that need to happen first. I’ve got to get organized.

I have a friend who thinks I should turn my blog into a book.

Heehee, I can see the wheels turning in your brains. Right now, you’re thinking, Okaaaaay, she obviously has not read this blog…

You are probably right.

I am serious about my series, though. It’s just a question of when to start writing it.

But Desmond is still so very young. He has his whole life in front of him. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes through several career changes before landing on his ultimate path.

I suspect that highly intelligent people often do.

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