Seven points for breakfast. My usual sugar free oatmeal, coffee, and the last waffle cone with nothing in it—don’t judge me, there was no ice cream left.

I like plain waffle cones. They’re crunchy, they’re sweet, they’re only 3 points. Desmond likes them, too.

If I ate yogurt, I’d buy waffle bowls and eat yogurt out of them. But I can’t get myself to like yogurt. I hate the sour aftertaste.

Maybe sugar free pudding, though. Or berries. Ooooh, fat free Cool Whip and berries. Kind of a yogurt-free parfait.

Anyway, seven points is higher than my usual four, but still pretty good for a meal.

I’m sorry this post is boring. I’m just trying to have some accountability for what I’m eating. Also it’s just me up right now and I can’t think what else to write.

Also my hand hurts.

I’m just sitting here realizing, if I’d been offered the job they gave Tailyn, and accepted it, I’d have had to deal a lot with Cassie, the quality lady. Thank God that didn’t work out for me.

It seems she is not known for her, ehhh…tact. As in, she is notoriously rough around the edges.

I just avoid her as much as possible.

Except for all the extra miles, Honda has not been fun for me.

I think Honda has been fun for no one.

I wonder if Eddie will give Honda to someone else when I take Marla’s old job.

Probably not. Probably I’m stuck with it forever.

Remember “stuck with it”? Apparently it’s still a thing with kids.

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