The Struggle is Real

I hope today will be better. Better than yesterday, better than last Friday, when I had my run-in with the quality lady.

I feel like things are dragging me down, right now. I’m way up on the scale this morning; I’ve clearly not learned my lesson about ice cream in the house.

The whole downstairs is, say it with me, a disaster.

Both kids are still struggling with constipation problems.

I’m struggling with inner conflict I can’t put into words.

No, it’s not midlife crisis. I wish it was. That would seem easier.

I know I’m being really negative right now. Yet, ironically, I’m hoping for a better day. Even I know you can’t start your day with such negativity and expect a positive outcome.

It’s not obvious to anyone but me, but I do try really hard most of the time to be more positive. Right now, this morning, this is me, feeling overwhelmed by everything and not really trying to be positive.

I should go back to doing Dailyo, to get a better sense of how often I actually am having positivity in my day.

People sometimes tell me I’m negative. I know they think they’re being helpful, but it doesn’t actually help me. It kind of works the opposite way. It feeds the negativity. It makes me feel worse about myself.

Kind of like my aunt telling me I’d be “even prettier” if I lost weight.

I hate to end this post on such a negative note. But I have to go.

I know it will get better. Already, it’s staying lighter out. That always helps me.

Take good care, my friends. 🤗

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