I wish I could say the flies were the grossest thing in the cafeteria today. Alas, I cannot.

There is a small sink in here, where people wash their hands, add water to microwave their food, and so on.

This woman, I don’t know her name, but she is small, older, Asian, wears a mask. Anyway, she was in front of me, using the sink while I was waiting for my turn.

I noticed, first, that she was cupping her hands and drinking the running water, which I thought was weird, given that we have water coolers literally all over the production floor, including one just outside the cafeteria doors.

Next, I noticed she was spitting the water out back into the fricken sink! Not just once, continuously.

I stood there in shock, finally saying, “Ewwww,” loudly enough for her to hear. Walked into the bathroom to wash my hands.

I guess I won’t be using that sink, anymore. God!

Why are people so inconsiderate? Does she imagine she’s the only person who uses that sink? I wouldn’t do what she did in the bathroom sink, never mind a sink that people use for their food.

I guess it’s a cultural thing, though, I just learned. Oops.

I still think it’s yucky, though. And I’m not a big germophobe.

I hear something that sounds like Metroid. If you remember the 1980s, you might remember Metroid. That video game still frightens me.

Awww, man!

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