Righty? Lefty? Ambi?? 👍

I am dressed for the SWH today—short sleeves. Eddie is supposed to orient me to that side of life. Whether it’ll actually happen today, I’m not really certain.

I can’t imagine having to do his job. He’s almost never out, he works six days a week. I think Ray did the same thing when he was WH manager.

Eddie is finally taking some time off next month, though, going on a cruise. That’s the good news.

The bad news is I will also be out for my surgery.

But I’m not rescheduling. I can’t. Now that I’m back peeling labels again, my hands are hurting again.

They’ll be okay, though. They’ve got a lot of new people, but they’re all very capable.

Maybe it’ll only be a couple days of recovery for each hand. I’m more anxious about going stir crazy at home, being all sedentary. I love the moving around aspect of my job.

I settle into being sedentary very quickly as well, though. It’s just that it makes me feel drowsy all day.

And it’s not like I’ll be able to do things very well, like, I can’t go around organizing the house with my left hand.

Actually, and I’m not exaggerating about this, I do a lot of things with my left hand. I do them very well. To the point where people have mistaken me for being left handed.

One thing that comes to mind immediately is opening jars. I use my left hand exclusively to open jars…although in truth, I do not do that very well at all. I often need a gripper.

But I’ve tried opening jars with my right and it just feels wrong to me. And I don’t do any better with my right.

My OT measured my hand strength, and it is, unsurprisingly, below average for people my age.

Mom said it’s not too difficult to figure out how to do stuff with the other hand after the surgery, and the hardest tasks are self-help-related. Makes sense.

She stayed awake during her surgery, and actually watched them do the surgery. I would take one cursory glance, pass out and slide out of my chair onto the floor.

I could never have been a doctor. Or a nurse. Or a forensic investigator.

I could work for the FBI though. Or the CIA.

Maybe I do… 😏

Secret Agent Leah Taylor, fighting crime and solving mysteries.

It would make a good tween book. Lonely little girl becomes top secret investigator in The Case of the Missing Journals. Kicking butt and taking names (cus she’s also the hall monitor).

Oh yeah, I’ve already had that idea.

Yeah, but I could turn it into a series. Like Nancy Drew. Encyclopedia Brown. The Hardy Boys. You get the picture.

I should go. I’m taking Derek’s car, because I was too tired (or lazy?) last night to get up and flip cars in the driveway, which is too narrow to park side by side. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have remote start, so I’ve gotta get out there and start defrosting the windows.

Have a nifty Thursday, friends. Drive safely. Thanks for reading. ❤️ ☺️

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