This guy is in my comfy chair.

New people are hard. Even the nice ones. This girl asks a question, I answer it, and she does it a different way. What, you think your way is better?

Maybe I’ve been here longer, and I know you probably shouldn’t lug the big, bulky hopper all over the WH floor; just bring the smaller receptacles to it. But what do I know? Evidently I’m still the lowest-ranking employee in the WH, anyway.

Whenever there’s a new person, I’m always the first stop for training because my job is the most basic. Shipping/ receiving, I guess, is like a promotion.

And that’s fine, whatever. I’m still on light duty and I don’t know the forklift.

But don’t waste my time asking me how to do something if you’re just gonna turn around and do it your way, anyway.

It wasn’t just that one thing. That was just the most recent example I have.

It’s one of those things where anything you can do, I can do better. Great.

Probably just a personality conflict.

It’s been a day, already. I’m just feeling disrespected.

I am hypersensitive to criticism; direct or implied.

It hasn’t been an entirely bad morning, though.

Got to go.

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