I was 4 seconds too slow, and now I’m in the ripped comfy chair. Yuck.

When I came back from early break, Eddie is sending me to the SWH to prepare boxes for the new insufferable know-it-all, who is replacing Marla.

Why can’t Marta do that?

Why am I not replacing Marla? I’ve been here. I can drive the tugger. Why am I subordinate to the girl I just trained?

I went in the bathroom and cried a little, I was so upset. Because I know me, and I knew if I didn’t let go and cry now, it would happen later.

And I don’t want it to happen later. Just in case.

And I’m still supposed to wait on Honda.

Who even cares? Why does this matter so much to me?

I guess I just feel expendable today. No one wants to feel expendable.

This is not what’s really bothering me.

I’ll be fine.

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