I felt myself get all blushy this morning. Which isn’t terribly unusual for me; we know I’m a blusher.

The weird thing is, lately, it doesn’t go away for a while, I don’t think. My face continues to feel hot for like five minutes after I started to turn red.

I’m wondering if I’m having hot flashes. I told Sherry B my periods are still right on schedule. She said that didn’t matter. In other words, I could have normal periods and still be menopausal.

It would make sense. My mother was 45.

I’ve also heard you can still get pregnant, even if you have menopause symptoms.

I didn’t know that before. Is that something only I didn’t know?

So, all you Gen X-ers and older Millennials (those of you not looking to get preggo, anyway), continue to be careful. Just saying.

I talked to my friend, Sarah, about carpal surgery. She had it on both hands, also. She helped put it in perspective for me, the two surgeries being separate. I feel better about it, now. Thanks, Sarah! 😊

So I called the scheduler to see if I could schedule the other surgery now or if I wait until after the first one happens.

The lights in here are blinking, blinking, blinking. Making me nervous.

Just scheduled my other surgery. February 28.

Got to go. See you at lunch.

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