The New and Improved Plan 👍

I’m just calling it “the new and improved plan” because I think I’ve already used “new plan.”

There’s no law against having two posts with the same title (as far as I know). I just don’t like to.

But without further ado, here’s the plan: very simply, I’m just never going to eat standing up, anymore. I must be seated.

Wanna eat? Have a seat.

Oh, that’s a much better post title. That happens to me all the time.

The rationale behind this “plan” is that it is a small behavior change: easy to implement, easy to sustain over time.

I realize I do most of my overeating while standing in the kitchen. My thought is, perhaps I will overeat less if I have to keep getting up for more food.

Also, maybe I will not overeat at all, rather than have to wrestle with the recliner, which is impossible to close, now that it’s wearing the world’s baggiest jumpsuit (chair cover).

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