Noisy Shane

We knew Shane had medical concerns when we adopted him. His breathing is loud, especially when he’s sleeping. The vet’s not sure what it is.

Sometimes it will be completely quiet, we’ll hear a weird noise in the room and go, “What is that?” Then we realize it’s Shane.

I’m thinking about it because he’s in my lap, making noises right now.

I’ve come to love his noises.

He’s still relatively young. He was 18 months when we got him in August 2020.

People say orange cats aren’t the friendliest, and they’re right sometimes. Finny isn’t really a people cat, and Louis in his youth was a Doberman to strangers.

Shane is the gentlest and most affectionate cat I’ve ever seen. Although he picks on Finny sometimes.

But the SPCA was absolutely accurate about both cats. They said Finny was standoffish and enjoyed his kitty condo, and that Shane loved affection and blankets.

Affection and blankets

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