X-Type Thing

Pizza today. It’s okay. I’ll just eat my two-point oatmeal, instead.

Plus, it’s quiet in here, right now. It won’t be at noon.

I had a good chat with Finn. I guess Marla is no longer with us. She was out too often.

She was out a lot. I still feel bad for her. She lost her job and her man all in the same week.

James is with his daughter today. She’s two.

I don’t know James’ age. He’s young, though. I’d guess 20s.

I guess Evan is not going to ever tell me his age, which is just stubborn, because we are of the same generation, so he’s not that old. Middle-aged, same as me.

Of course, I am a late Gen-X-er. Maybe he isn’t?

I dunno, though. Looking at him, he can’t be more than mid-late 40s. He looks about my age to me. He’s not even graying at all.

He started teaching about the same time as me, but I’m not sure if that means anything, because he was also in the military for eight years. I know that cus it’s on a plaque in the cafeteria.

Also, he knows “NOT.” That is a late X thing.

As much as I enjoy solving mysteries, I’m probably just going to be a huge brat and ask him.

Time to go.

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