Eddie and Me

Yup. It’s just Eddie and me in the NWH. And possibly Rick Chapman? Someone I don’t recognize, at any rate.

James is on the list for today, but he’s not here. I don’t know if Marla’s here, either. She’s on it, too. She seems a bit unreliable, though. She’s always in crisis.

I didn’t like her at first. She’s intense, no doubt. But I do like her now. I feel badly that she just had a breakup. Her life seems turbulent. I know how that is, having grown up in turbulence. I suspect she’s had to be tough as nails her whole life.

Anyway, I had my first pickup, with help from Eddie. It went fine. I’m only worried about the skid machines like the ones in MP. I don’t know how to do those, yet.

I know Eddie tried to get other people in here today to help me, but I guess no one wanted to or was able. The kid, Angelo, Nate. In fairness to them, they’ve all been here lots of Saturdays, I think. They probably need a break.

I should get back. Eddie is helping me, but it’s pretty much me right now. Talk later.

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