Not So Much

Work has slowed down a bit, now. Except Honda. I always say Honda alone could keep me busy most of the day.

But even they have lulls.

I’ve just moved to my comfy chair. I have to say that all the not-pushed-in chairs in here really do bother me.

Hahaha maybe I should come in here when I’m bored, too, and just push in all the chairs. Then I’d really get the stink eye, I’ll bet.

I have a safety committee meeting today.

I have my follow up appointment with the surgeon today.

I have groceries coming today.

I work six days this week. I’m trying not to think about it.

I’m not doing a very good job, am I?

So…should I go back to school for HR? I’ll bet I’d be good at it. I should just go to the SNHU website and see what it entails. Or talk to M, who’s in that program.

The course sequence I know would take at least two years. Then I’d have to stay with the Hutch for at least another two years, but that would be fine, as long as I can get upstairs. I think Dale is my age, so unlikely to retire anytime soon.

But that’s okay. I like school, anyway. I like psychology. It might be a good move for me to let them know I’m serious about my future here.

It’s just that it’s a big move. Big commitment. Could I manage two classes, full time work and two kids?

This might not be the time to consider it.

I’m not sure.

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