Got Up Late

Rolled out of bed at 4:00. Dishes to do from last night. Groceries to order from last night. I was so tired last night I didn’t do anything at all.

Now I only have a few minutes to post. My hands kind of hurt. My stomach really hurts. I need my Miralax: yet another thing I didn’t do last night.

I both love and hate this schedule. I get my me time. I like being up at the crack of dawn.

On the other hand, I dislike being fried by five. I miss a fair amount of “we time” this way.

Come on, guys. I know some of you want to retire. Wouldn’t you love to be free everyday? Or somebody get promoted. Something!

Evan waited how many months for something to open up? Seven?

I’ve been at Hutch almost a year and seen one, maybe two office openings I was possibly qualified for.

Low turnover upstairs.

I could go back to school for Human Resources on their dime. I think it would be a fascinating field for me.

It might look good to them, just to show I’m advancing my education…even more.

I’d really be committing to them, then. Will have to think about this. I’ve been thinking about it.

Would have to do homework on weekends, most likely. But I’m sure it wouldn’t be that difficult.

I don’t know. It’s a huge commitment. I’ve got a lot going on already.

Keep it in mind.

Have a great day, friends, thanks for reading ❤️

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