Tweaks and Adjustments

I was so tired last night I pretty much went straight to bed. I did get up and have a couple more brownies, but they’re 2 points a piece.

I am back down a hair on the scale.

It seems easier when I have fewer choices. It bums me out when I’m on the hunt for food and the cabinet is empty, but ultimately, I end up eating less simply because there is less to eat.

I could live without those crackers. I think we all could. I’ll get a second box of almonds, instead.

I’m trying taking my pills for sweating early, because it seems to take some time for them to kick in. When they do, they’re quite effective, but I get wicked dry mouth, as you can imagine.

I wonder if today will be busier. I only got 20,000 steps yesterday. Hah! Only. Listen to me. Even with all the peeling in the afternoon, I still managed to do that well.

I’m getting spoiled with all the walking.

I wonder what will happen today.

Wondering what will happen in a day is one of my favorite things about my day. I am excited about all the possibilities the day has to offer.

Surely, that’s a positive thing. It ostensibly means I’m headed in the right direction. Even if I’m uncertain of the destination.

And at the end of the day, I’m tired. But I’m already looking forward to the next day.

I think that must mean my depression is in remission, and my medication is working.

Dysthymia is a funny thing. It’s the least severe of the depressions, but (I think?) the most pervasive. It’s always kind of there in the background. It never really goes away. I will probably always have it, and have to manage it.

But it doesn’t define me. It’s only one hurdle I have to continuously jump. It’s not who I am. I am so many things.

I see my inner value. I see me.

I have taken a turn for the deep, here, and it’s still a little early in the morning for that.

It seems to be this time of day, though, when I am most philosophical. I guess because it’s my time. My me time.

I am one with myself.

It’s okay. You can laugh. I meant for it to be tongue-in-cheek.


Have a ridiculously awesome day, my friends. Drive safely. Thanks for reading.

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