Here I am, again. Nothing to do. Jeez, what is going on this week?

I’d be busy if quality would come down and audit Honda. But no one’s been down all morning. So I can’t do anything, right now.

I already miss the kid. It’s silly, he’s not far at all.

Those people from that other job are absolutely blowing up my phone. I wonder if they’re commissioned, or something?

I had a good talk with Sherry B. Did you know that statistically, red headed girls are more likely to be picked on/ ostracized in school?

I mean, I suppose it makes sense. Red hair is so uncommon now that I think it’s actually dying out (no pun intended). And I certainly got picked on and ostracized.

She said she thought I probably had difficulty socializing my whole life. I said yes, that’s absolutely true. I’ve always been socially awkward.

Until this week, I guess I didn’t realize just how readable I still am. I mean, I know body language can give a lot away about your personality, but this is pretty crazy.

She said I was hard to get to know. It’s not the first time someone has said that. But it usually still surprises me.

I might not have as accurate a self-concept as I think I do.

But it’s probably true about redheads. I’ve known actual grown men who don’t like red headed women, too. Not very many, but there are some.

Men who do like them, though, seem to like them a lot.

A depressed, redheaded, introverted little girl. I really had the odds stacked against, me, didn’t I.

But I’ve seemed to turn out okay.

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