More Changes

There’s a project upstairs they need Finn for. So Angelo is moving to Finn’s job, and the kid is going to be the new Angelo.

The good news is the kid will still be right on the other side of the aisle with us.

The bad news is the minor language barrier between James and myself. His English is really pretty good, though.

I should’ve taken more Spanish in school. There would be a lot more opportunity to use it than there is for French. But I always believed that someday I would travel to Paris.

My Aunt Eileen speaks French and visits France quite often. And my cuckoo grandmother used to tell me that someday I would go there, too.

She also told me I would be a famous author.

She also told me I’d go to college and make tons of money with my college degree.

Throughout my childhood, I took every word she said completely seriously, as gospel.

No one set me straight until the seventh grade.

But some families did used to do that to their kids: “Go to college, get your degree, land your dream job as soon as you graduate, and you’ll never worry about money as long as you live.”

A college degree was the answer to all of life’s problems.

Guess what? Nope. I have two degrees, and I’m still not exactly where I want to be.

Not how it works at all.

Anyway, I did take a year of Spanish in high school. Altogether I have six years of foreign language under my belt, but I didn’t do anything with it, so the only language I can speak and understand well enough is English.

There were so many directions I could’ve gone in. I was pretty good at everything. Math intimidated me, but I was able to do it when I applied myself.

Aw, shoot. Time to go. There’s so much more I want to say! I’ve only scratched the surface of all the things that have come up for me in this post.

Oh, well. Later, maybe.

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