I have a very bad headache.

After work, I stopped at the store for some snacks. Then I sampled all the snacks.

I should never buy snacks after work.

That mustachioed, tattooed engineer and the young woman in Honda are totally digging on each other. I’m just saying. If they’re not already dating, they should be.

I got tired today. It might’ve been my shoes. I have these Skechers sneakers with a little heel that look cute but aren’t as comfortable as my Merrells.

It might be time for new safety shoes.

It didn’t get any busier throughout the day. Most of our boxes never moved. Still, I managed to keep myself occupied for the most part.

Gotta do the groceries. Wanna go to sleep.

Wow, look outside. Still light-ish. Yay! Before we know it…

I’ve got my appointment tomorrow afternoon with the surgeon. I hope I can schedule my surgery.

Just going to close my eyes for a minute. Talk later ❤️

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