Up with Aislyn

Aislyn had an accident in her sleep. So she’s up this morning. Desmond got up, too, for a minute, to see what was going on. So I got to see them both before work today. A rare and welcome treat.

The sweat medication works if I take two doses of it in close succession.

I got another email from a recruiter last night. Now that I have a year of manufacturing experience under my belt, I guess there are more jobs that I’m qualified or sort of qualified for.

Jobs that resemble Ray’s, planner-type positions.

It’s killing me. Why won’t anything open up where I’m at? Come on, Hutch. Throw me a bone.

I look at that job board at least six times a day. It doesn’t change.

Somebody please retire.

I really enjoy being active all day, so I’m sure I’ll be fine staying where I am until something eventually opens up.

I love pretty much everyone I work with. How often do you find that? I am rooted. Not stuck. Rooted. There’s a difference. I feel deeply connected. I would not want to start over somewhere else. I would be profoundly sad. I don’t want that.

It’s not always about money. Or title.

I will wait. Something will come.

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