I went to lunch early because there was nothing to do.

I just dropped my goddamned spoon on the floor. So I guess I’m done lunch, since I don’t feel like getting up to get another spoon.

I’m sitting directly in the sun. Hot as hell.

I am in a bit of a sour mood, right now.

The engineer who (I think) whined to the plant manager about the WH staff last week asked me if he could leave Honda returnables by the gate. Nothing wrong with this, really, but it annoyed me, anyway.

It annoyed me that he didn’t know my name.

Even though I don’t know his, either.

How dare he call me “Excuse me.”

I never said I was a rational annoyed person.

Sherry B has gone home for the day because there’s nothing to do. Sometimes I wish I could do that.

Except now I have returnables to put away.

And Eddie asked me to go to the SWH when I get back, and peel for David. Okay. I don’t mind peeling for David. He is nice to me.

That lady from that other place texted me. I haven’t responded. It’s only about $2/ hour more than what I make, now, anyway.

I’ve hopped around enough. I’ve finally found a place where I’m happy (if occasionally bored). I’m not about to screw that up.

Things happen for a reason. Hopefully an opening upstairs will happen soon, too.

Time to go.

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