I am eating oatmeal in the comfy chair. The bowl is balanced precariously on my leg, which is crossed at the knee, while I’m hunting and pecking away with the middle finger on my right hand.

So far, I haven’t spilled on myself.

I ended up talking to Sherrie W for a half hour. It’s her last day before retirement, so I had to say goodbye, but man, she can chat!

Nah, but I love my Sherrie. If it weren’t for her, I probably wouldn’t even still be here. I sucked at production, at first.

Evan was around the production floor, too, working on ShopVue. I passed him on my way to the south WH, but he looked occupied, so I kept going. I didn’t want to be a pest.

It’s weird to see him dressed for WH, now, though. I’m like, wow, did I bump my head? It’s magically September, again.

He really almost looks like a whole different person.

I wish I had remembered about Sherrie, though. I happened to have a couple of those little bags of Lindt chocolate, so I gave her one of the bags from the kid and me, but if I had realized the date, I would’ve probably gotten her a card, also.

They were BOGO-half-off at Rite-aid yesterday.

I was thinking about bringing the other bag upstairs to Evan for listening to me vent about my meds last week, but I get so nervous up there.

But maybe if I found reasons to be up there more often, I’d build face recognition with all the hiring managers, and they’d be more apt to remember me above other candidates when something finally does open up.

Hmmm…sneaky psychology.

I will wait until a day when I’m dressed better. Maybe give Evan a heads up, too, that I have something for him before I just drop in on him unexpectedly. That could be awkward.

You never know how people will react to surprises. Even little ones.

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