Awww, Dang

Boring morning so far.

Some dude is in my comfy chair. There’s no room in the audit area for anymore returnables. The audit lady doesn’t seem to be here.

Ah, well. It is what it is.

I can’t believe he’s still here, though. Get outta my chair, man! Chair Man. That’s gonna be his nickname. Chair Man of the Bored. Haha joke.

On the bright side, Stink Eye was just very nice to me over by the free lunch cooler. Maybe I am imagining the stink eye?

On the bright side, Evan just came in and chatted with me. I abruptly dropped my phone, as, for one thing, I wasn’t expecting a visitor, and for another, if by some chance he knows I have this blog, he doesn’t ever say.

I never told him because I am self-conscious, because he is, like me, very verbal, and probably writes at least as well as I do. If, in deed, he writes at all. He is incredibly intelligent. Like, Derek-intelligent. Gifted, no doubt.

Okay, really have to go, now. Talk later.

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