Oh, Man!

There is a smell coming from maybe extruding that is so bad I want to vomit. It is like Grandma’s perm times 12. Some kind of chemical they use. I feel my nose wrinkle every time I go anywhere near there.

I’ve been hoofing Honda returnables all around the building most of the day. Almost 18,000 steps.

Errr, sooooo…I have a phone call at 3:00. But this time, I swear, they found me. Through Indeed.

Material planner—like what Ray is, I guess. Temp for 12 months with possible extension.

I mean, I’m not going to take it. It’s only a temp job. I’m happy where I am.

I’m waiting for something upstairs. I know everyone here. And I’m finally starting to get somewhere.

But, while I wait, wouldn’t it just make good sense to practice my interviewing skills? I haven’t been on an interview since…July.

No. I’m not doing it. I just won’t answer my phone when she calls. Is that terrible?

I want to be here. Not anywhere else. This happened for a reason. I can’t ignore that. I must follow my gut. My heart.

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