Avocado Toast

For some reason, I was absolutely craving avocado toast after work. It is really amazing with roasted tomatoes.

That place never called me. Oh well, not even a little concerned.

It was a pretty awesome day, I have to say. I did get a headache from the grandma perm smell, but other than that…

25,000 steps today. Wow!!

Derek said I had cleavage going on when I got home. Oops 😳. No wonder Ray and Motorcycle Guy were looking at me during the Gemba walk.

They’re not supposed to do that. They’re supposed to maintain laser-like focus on the plant manager at all times. Constant vigilance.

No, I don’t know. Maybe I had a shipping label stuck to my boob or something.

Evan’s hair (and outfit) were crazy awesome today. Casual Friday looks good on him. I meant to thank him for talking to me yesterday, but we got chatting about something else and I forgot.

I want to close my eyes and nap, but I can’t, really. Maybe just a few minutes…

Talk later.

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