Things that Make You Go Hmm

I was feeling kind of bummed out by the end of the day. Just bored, I guess.

On my way out the vendeteria was Evan, and it’s weird, I had just been thinking this might be the first week ever we haven’t had at least one little chat in passing.

He puzzles me slightly.

I must’ve looked a little bummed out, because he asked me if I was okay. No, I said.


It’s been a rough…year. 2023.

But 2023 just started.

Yeah. I went on to tell him I was having some personal problems.

Most people hear “personal problems” and clam up immediately. They don’t want to hear it. He seemed interested. It’s okay if you’re not comfortable telling me.

I’m on a lot of meds and I ran out this week, I said. Aren’t you glad you asked?

We talked for, like, 20 minutes about that and kids and other stuff.

I can’t believe how smart he is.

He is Gen X. That’s the closest I can get to knowing his age. He was saying how his son is Gen Z, and I said, I dunno, I’m Gen X. And you are…

Oh, no, no, I’m not even telling you that.

Oh, come on!

Okay fine, X.

It was nice to talk to him. But…something doesn’t add up.

He said something like we don’t really know each other that well, he doesn’t know all kinds of things about me and vice versa.

I don’t all the way agree with that…🤨

I need to pick out something for tomorrow. Maybe a skirt.

Tired. Ready for bed.


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