Got My Meds On

I’ll bet everyone is glad to hear that. Me too.

He even switched me back to Adderall. And I was able to get it. From Rite Aid.

At least they seem nice, there. Unlike that lady at the Somersworth Walmart.

They’ve certainly been patient with me.

I’m still recovering. I have a bad headache, stomach upset, still very teary this morning.

I had run out of Effexor again, too, so I was off that, yesterday, as well. So double whammy—no antidepressants at all, yesterday.

That might be why I suddenly went very rapidly downhill mid morning. I had been really happy, euphoric, almost, right up until then. Things were going well, then I started having some troubling thoughts, and I crashed.

I really might be on too many meds.

I’m a science project.

I forgot to do the groceries yesterday, so I had to do them this morning. I also lay in bed until 10 after 4. I usually get up at 3:30, now. So I’m already out of time.

Have a good day, my readers. Take good care.

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