Not Again

I’m eating my peaches, because, although I’m not hungry, I’m wondering if the Concerta on an empty stomach yesterday wasn’t the reason for what happened to me.

I have an upset stomach again today, nausea, and no appetite, so I’m concerned that it’s going to happen again.

Seriously, it’s just like I said: if I can’t eat, there’s a problem.

Today’s been good, so far. A is out sick, so is the new guy; I guess let’s call him James.

I don’t have the flu or anything like that. No fever. I’m fairly convinced it’s the med.

I should probably get back. But I don’t feel well.

There’s a possibility I should’ve stayed home today, just to be on the safe side.

Originally I did have it off. For the hearing. It was scheduled early, but I didn’t know if I would want to be at work, afterward, so I requested the entire day.

But because I didn’t go through with it, I told Eddie I could come in today. I’m hoarding my vacation days right now in case I need to use them to recover from the surgery. That’s why I often don’t use my PTO hours to cover appointments and just stay later.

I don’t know if I’ll be eligible for short term disability.

I am working Saturday.

Okay, definitely need to go now. Talk later ❤️

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