Not Even a Little Hungry

But I’m taking a lunch, anyway.

And I took a bite of a complimentary buffalo chicken wrap.

Too spicy for me.

No, I really just wanted to write.

I’ve been driving the tugger out on the production floor today. I haven’t maimed anyone or anything, so, I think I’m doing pretty well.

I don’t feel all that well. Just sluggish, not hungry.

You know something is up when I don’t eat.

I kind of just want to go home and go to bed. But of course I can’t, because I have young children.

It hasn’t been a bad day, or anything. On the contrary, it’s been quite a pleasant day. No complaints, whatsoever.

I’m lying slightly. I just remembered what S told me about F. Apparently, while I was gone, he yelled at her about the stinking foam bins, therefore vicariously yelling at me a third time in a month.

He and I keep having this same argument, and frankly, I’m done. So I told Eddie. Sorry, not sorry.

I no longer care that he is almost done. He is being a total grouch.

Also, he is wrong.

Argh, five minutes left.

Wait, D smokes?! Nah.

Huh. Yah.

I do not know his eye color, yet. But I think it is slightly humorous that I still occasionally confuse him and Ray.

Ray must not be in a super wonderful mood, today. He’s been much friendlier to me, lately. But today he’s been more like Classic Ray. Very serious.

Hence, it is not hard to tell him and D apart this afternoon.

Sorry, I’m in a very silly mood. Even though I feel like junk.

Dammit. Later.

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