For whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep. So I ended up getting out of bed twice, took some Mirapex, had some Halo Top and Fiber 1 brownies.

A pint of Halo Top now is 14 points; not 11. Which means I won’t be buying it anymore. Not worth it.

The good news is it was Halo Top and Fiber 1; not fudge rounds and fruit pies.

The good news is I’m down on the scale this morning. It seems so arbitrary when you weigh yourself daily, but I guess the research shows people who do are more successful. This according to Noom.

My stomach hurts, though.

I notice eye color. I remember eyes like other people remember birthdays. My eyes are gray.


And, as she waited patiently,
I could not bear to feel
Those still, grey eyes that followed me,
Those eyes that plucked the heart from me,
Those eyes that sucked the breath from me
And curdled the warm blood in me,
Those eyes that cut me to the bone,
And cut my marrow like cold steel.

The Stone, Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. A poem I read in high school, and these words from it, I still remember.

Desmond’s eyes are dark blue. Aislyn’s are light blue. Both shades unbelievably beautiful.

Dark blue
Light blue

Derek’s eyes are brown, so it’s surprising to me that both kids are blue-eyed, and so very blue-eyed.

Damned if I can find any pictures of Derek’s eyes. Well, they’re brown. I’ve always been partial to dark hair and brown eyes. Since I was a kid.

My friend Katey, and Zack that I worked with at the Maxx many years ago have the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. Alas, I have no photos of either of them, nor can I find an example that even comes close.

The kid and the new kid’s eyes are brown. Sherrie W’s eyes are pale blue.

I can’t tell whether Evan’s eyes are light brown or hazel (are light brown and hazel the same thing?), and if I stare too long, he is going to think I’m psycho. “Too late, woman,” I can hear him thinking.

DE’s eyes are blue. A’s are brown. I can’t tell if Ray’s are blue or green, but they’re so light, they almost glow.

My nemesis (remember her?) seemed to have a violet shade going, but I don’t buy it. I think she had color-changing contacts.

The last time I tried contacts was roughly 11 years ago. They gave me such a headache, I had to take them out after a few minutes. It’s just not worth it for me.

Everyone seems to like me in glasses, anyway. That librarian thing.

I like glasses, too. Always. Since I was a kid. That librarian thing.

Nah, but…yeah.

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