WW Week in Review

I gained 0.8 this week. Not surprised. I had eggplant parm last night. McDonald’s Friday. Other regrettable choices.

One big NSV for me, though, is that I’m sleeping better. I’m doing a better job drinking water at home, which means less caffeine at night. Which means less getting up. Which means less going downstairs to snack.

If I can replace that downstairs snacking habit with just plain going back to bed, that alone will help me lose weight. It maybe didn’t help this week, but I suspect it will if I keep it up.

I must still look okay in clothes. But I want to look good out of them again, too. 😳 Maybe it’s a silly goal, but it’s how I feel. I want to look in the mirror and go, “Daaaaamn, girl.”

No I don’t. Can you imagine me saying that?

But I at least want to be able to feel okay about myself. I don’t, right now.

I tried setting timers to track my meals. That didn’t work. Have to try something else. Maybe the times aren’t good.

Sounds like Aislyn had an accident. That would be my cue.

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