Construction Work

Derek and Desmond went to a UNH basketball game, leaving Aislyn and me to find something to do.

Aislyn started up the Nintendo Switch, but that didn’t last long, as she needed help from Derek with the game she was playing (I rarely if ever play video games, especially now with the carpal tunnel).

She became very frustrated that Daddy was not around, and started wailing. I made her turn off the switch and told her I was thinking I would put together her princess tent from Christmas.

This did the trick, as she immediately became excited about the tent and forgot all about the Switch.

I’ll be honest. I did have to go back through the instructions, undo and repeat some steps before I got it right. It was a bit confusing.

Ultimately, though, we figured it out.


Of course, Aislyn was right. We should’ve built it in her room. We almost couldn’t fit it down the hall and through her door.

But we did.


It takes up half her bedroom, but it’s all good. When she gets bored with it, we’ll take it down.

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