Two Cents

Like anyone, the kids get on each other’s nerves. But nearly every comment Aislyn makes, either to him or to anyone else, seems to annoy Desmond, and he almost compulsively responds with a sarcastic comeback.

Short of taking away privileges, I don’t know how to chill him out.

I just reread that last sentence, and it sounds so ridiculous. Removing privileges will certainly not “chill him out.” It will have the exact opposite effect.

More like, “whip him into shape.” However, I hate that phrase, and I am afraid of its origin.

It supposedly comes from the 18th century, when sailors were whipped as a disciplinary measure.

Let’s just keep it simple and say, “make him stop.”

The specific threat of turning off his current TV program with the next mean remark seems to have held some weight, though, knock on wood. He’s been much less caustic, and now they’re chatting nicely about his show.

Aislyn wants me to join her in her room, but Shane wants cuddle times.

Oops, I never finished or posted this. Apologies.

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