Made a Marble Run

Both kids wanted marble runs. Desmond had one when he was six. I got Aislyn a magnetic marble run for Christmas, but it didn’t work out very well.

Their building “instructions” had this disclaimer on every single page:

“May require more than one set to complete”

Picasso Tiles should stick to magnets.

So I got them both Nat Geo sets from Target, instead. You can’t go wrong with National Geographic.

At the gas station, I might have seen Downstairs Evan. I’m not sure. He does live in Dover.

I’m thinking about getting up and cleaning. But then I’m thinking, why not make it a whole-family event? It would take a fraction of the time.

They’re at basketball practice.

I am alone.

Only for another hour, though.

I’m not going through with the hearing.

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