Everything is Okay

Hello, friends. I realize there weren’t many new posts yesterday. My poor subscribers, I must drive you crazy with all the emails you get from me.

But I am fine. Just a weird day, yesterday.

I did not do the thing.

I did have a good chat with my HR lady, though, about the different departments upstairs. As I suspected, it sounds like document control or any kind of administrative support role would probably be my best bet.

They’re implementing a new system, too, online, that shows you what’s available company-wide, gives you the opportunity to create a profile outlining your strengths, interests, and professional goals. I guess the upstairs peeps are already in this system. Will have to ask Evan about it whenever he has a second.

The good news for me is that, according to HR, there are not a lot of other employees in my situation: having my level of education and wanting to move up.

She said openings will probably all happen at the same time; we’ll have, like, 12 at once. I hope so.

Right now, while I’m in the WH, I need to focus on staying physical and get my shit together at night. It’s night that’s the problem; we know that.

But I really need to take advantage of this humongous opportunity in front of me to lose lots of weight. Because it is only temporary. I don’t see myself doing it for years. I could lose 30, 40, 50 pounds if I could just manage to not give up at night.

I’ve misplaced my splint again, and I feel like I might actually need it today.

Maybe I’ll be ambitious and try to get to work early today.

But probably not.

Happy Friday, my friends. Have a great day, a safe commute, and thanks for reading 😊❤️

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