Boring Morning

Not much going on right now, so went to break. I wasn’t doing anything, anyway. I went out the back, trying to avoid the Gemba guys without my hat on and, wouldn’t you know it, that’s where they were.

I had my feet up yesterday in the comfy chair and the plant manager walked in.

One time, many months ago, he caught me on my phone. It was 10 minutes to 2:00, people do it often in production, but he caught me, just the same. A thing is a thing, no matter how close to quitting time it is. I totally get that.

There’s a possibility I’m getting a tad too cozy, here.

Speaking of, the plant manager just walked in, introduced himself to our new guy. I’m proud to say I did not have my feet on any chairs. Although there is one sitting here right in front of me 🫤

He does seem like a really nice guy, though. He worked his way up from, I believe, production operator. He usually acknowledges me with a wave or a hello when he passes by.

But I’m not sure how he feels about me.

I seem to be having that problem with more than one person, right now…

It’s snowing.

I should go. It’s much harder to get out of these chairs than the ones at the tables.

HR seemed to know very little about my hearing, and what will happen at it. It seems like they may not even be there. I don’t know if anyone from here will be, but I am very nervous about it. I’m not afraid of losing the case. I am very, very afraid of possible humiliation.

It almost seems not worth it to me.

Time to go.

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