Dang It!

You know how you seem to keep missing something by a fraction of a second?

I’m absolutely dying in this “heat.” It’s weird. It’s not hot at all. Other parts of me are even kind of cold. It’s my face, mainly. My hair.

My face is the worst possible location to sweat because I believe it causes breakouts. But I do sweat there. Profusely. I have to go into the bathroom and wipe with a wet paper towel.

As a matter of fact, one time, not all that long ago, someone asked me if I’d been out in the rain, and, nervously, without even thinking, I told him the truth! Aw, man! Still embarrassed every time I think of it.

I don’t think it’s my weight. I don’t know, maybe it is. But even when I was tiny, I had to roll down the window in the car with Derek and Mom because I’d be so hot. Or press my palm to the glass.

If it didn’t cause acne, it wouldn’t bother me.

No, that’s a total lie. It would still bother me. I hate the feeling. I much prefer dryness.

Dryness and cold. Summer is still my favorite season, though, because of the long days.

I’m one of those A-holes who would have the AC on year round—no offense, Mom! We know your building is stifling.

Nah, but this holy hotness has always been a problem.

Today has been less awful. I am wired from caffeine, but still alternating water.

Got to run. See you later 😉

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