Early Lunch

Because I leave at 1:30 today.

Because I needed it.

I forgot a bowl for my oatmeal, and I just spent my last $2.00 on bad eggs.

Humiliating? Sure. But that’s where I’m at.

I used to be good at saving. But it’s been so hard, I gave up trying a long time ago.

No one’s steering the ship.

I was going to do a funny post, about how I found this today:


But I am just not in the mood. I’m sorry, my friends.

I am badly in need of something good to happen, right now.

Like, maybe I don’t end up needing any surgery, and won’t have to be out of work at all.

Or someone upstairs announces their retirement.

Or the rest of the workday gets canceled and I can take a nap in this comfy chair until it’s time for my EMG.

Or even something littler than that. Maybe Stink Eye Lady doesn’t glare at me today—so far, so good, but I don’t think she knows I’m in here.

Or CEG does not give me another creepy stare while slowly receding into extruding like he did earlier.

Or the universe plops something pleasant in front of me. Even just for a second.

My End Lunch timer just went off. I do not want to get up. But, I guess. Talk later.

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