Disgraced at Dunkin’

My data plan expired, and there’s no Wi-fi access for downstairsers. So I went to Dunkin’ on my early break to buy more minutes, because I know they have free Wi-fi and I don’t like being phoneless.

So when I got Wi-fi back, a text came up from Derek: “Have a good day.” Which means I forgot to say goodbye again.

After apologizing for that, I slid to my left in what I thought was my booth.


I slid right off my chair, fell onto the floor with my drink, which spilled all over the floor.

Everyone in the store saw it. These two ladies went “Oh, my God, are you okay?” Came over as I was getting up. “Fine, fine,” I said flatly. They said they’d clean it up and get me another coffee.

“No thank you,” I said. “I’m just going to leave, now.” I thanked them for their help, got into my car, and sobbed all the way back to work.

Falling was just the straw.

Have to go, now.

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