My Sweet Boy

We were watching Office reruns. We’re at the season finale, which is a three-part, tear-jerker. So I was sitting here, crying, and Desmond brought me Shane.

Then there was another scene that made me cry, and he brought me my phone.

He stopped saying “I love you” when he was six. We don’t know why. He just decided he wasn’t going to say it anymore. To anyone. He told me one night.

It really bums out Derek. It’s no picnic for me, either, but I don’t really take it personally. I know he loves us. I think he was probably just asserting his independence. Or being rebellious. Or both.

I think he will say it again, eventually. I don’t try to force it.

He did write it in my Christmas card, which is why I have saved it out from all the holiday stuff and plan to display it near my desk when I am upstairs. Aislyn’s, too.

Perhaps most importantly, though, he does things to let me know he loves me, like giving me hugs. And cats. And phones.

He also shares all his Total Pencil Island comics with me.

And he likes my blog. He laughs at my jokes, even though they’re not that funny.

That’s my boy ❤️

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