How’d it Go?

Well, I went way over in points, starting in the early evening.

But I didn’t go downstairs after going to bed. Which is a pretty big deal, considering it’s the target behavior I hope to change.

I forgot, and drank caffeinated soda well beyond 6pm. And I still didn’t go downstairs. So there’s that.

Maybe one big obstacle at a time.

I’m still sleepy. This light box is warm. My coffee is warm.

Back to work tomorrow. One thing I’m not looking forward to is trying to squeeze myself into work clothes that will now be tight. Hopefully, fingers crossed, this is temporary.

Like many people, I’ve gained about 10 pounds of holiday weight. With any luck I’ll lose that and keep losing until I can get down to at least a more comfortable weight. I don’t even feel healthy, right now. Never mind how I might look.

I mean, I got tired yesterday just walking up the little hill at the end of my street.

It’ll be good to get moving again.

Let’s see if I can get a streak going of no late night snacking.

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