Loose Ends

I got Dunkin’ cards for A and N for going into work last week. Not much, but at least it’s something.

I have my EMG finally on Tuesday afternoon. It will determine whether I need surgery.

I should probably get something for S, too. She’s done a lot of label-peeling for me, and it’s saved my hands a bit, I’m sure.

I miss…sponges. Loud background machine noises. ShopVue. Ear plugs. Leah windows. Sweating. Quizzes. Near misses with the gate. Butterflies in my stomach. Tripping all over my own feet. All over my own words.

My heart pounding a mile a minute in my chest.

No, I’m fine. I simply meant from wheeling those Honda returnables around the production floor. It really gets the heart a-thumping. And my face flushed, probably.

That’s all.

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