Happy New Year!

So, my friends, it’s a new year, a new beginning.

What are my hopes and aspirations for this year?

  • That I’ll apply myself in WW
  • That I’ll move up at work
  • That I’ll be honest with myself and others about what I need and
  • Do what it takes to ensure those needs are met

That’s a pretty good list, right? Please note, these are not resolutions. They are simply guidelines for what I hope to accomplish this year. I’m not resolving to address or achieve anything; I am only making a pathway.

Alright, fine. Call it whatever you want. I like lists. I like plans. I like refreshes. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. We’ll see what happens.

One way or the other, things will turn out.

My WW plan for today, January 1, is not to exceed 32 points for the entire day, from now until 11:59 pm.

I think my actual daily target is 24, but given that I haven’t come anywhere close to that any day in nearly a year, I’m going to start out with a more realistic goal. 32 points is still right on the cusp of a healthy eating range for me.

My bonus goal is not to come downstairs at all tonight when I get out of bed to go to the bathroom. It will help if I keep something to sip on my nightstand and if I stop the caffeine at a more reasonable hour in the day, like 3:00. Also, drink water throughout the day, something I do not do well (or at all, if we’re being real) at home.

The thing is, I had an awesome day all day yesterday. Then I got out of bed, came downstairs (twice), and threw away the whole day.

It is a well-established, terrible habit, and possibly the one thing that stands in the way right now of my success. I should be trying like hell to make sleeping through the night more attainable, and I can begin to do that by limiting caffeine.

There are other factors over which I have no control, but caffeine control is heading in the right direction.

Okay. I feel better, now that I have a plan with specific, measurable goals in place.

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