Long Line

On a quest for ornament storage boxes. 75% off right now, should be like $5. I only have 4 points, so I thought I’d get an iced coffee. But I can’t believe this line and how slow it is.

Guess it’s not that bad

The bumper sticker on the Ford Focus in front of me says “Calm your tits.” What are you, 12?

I’m very unhappy that nothing fits. That, plus that photo in the report, plus no Abilify are really bothering me right now.

I wonder if staying off the Abilify would keep me unhappy enough to stay on track. No, that’s a terrible idea. And it hasn’t helped at all, so far.

I’m home. Turns out Christmas storage is 0% off. So I paid full price. Oh, well. At least we’ll be organized and broke, now. Just kidding.


Is it weird that I kind of miss work? I mean, I’m looking forward to getting back.

I’m hoping there will be some openings, finally. Upstairs. Not in the upstairs WH; the general upstairs. With Evan and that nice lady with the beautiful office and the Phoenix Room and the cubicles and the tiny lounge and the eerie quietude. That’s where I want to go.

I just need to have it broken down for me: departments listed.

There’s a phone directory right outside the lobby. Maybe that lists all the departments. I never thought of that. Hmmm…

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