The Problem

The problem with Lifestance is not the therapists or the doctor. They are wonderful. And good therapy is hard to find.

The problem with Lifestance is the automated system, which is just the worst. And I guess trying to reach an actual person.

The problem with Rite-aid is their automated system, which is all messed up. And the Newmarket store. Even the Dover pharmacist knows the Newmarket pharmacy is notorious for never answering their phone.

Not only that, they don’t return my calls. Ever.

I switched back to Newmarket (I went through them years ago, when we lived there) because I work in Newfields. I thought it would be easier to pick up my meds, because it’s right on my route.

It has obviously not been easier. I often run out of a med on the weekend (that’s when I sort my pills for the week). Sometimes I need a refill right away. And I live in Dover.

You’d think it would be easy to have a prescription filled at the Dover Rite-aid. Nope. Because, as aforementioned, their phone system is all wonky. And some of my meds are immovable from one location to another.

What annoys me about Lifestance is that I actually did speak to a person this time and specifically requested the med be sent to Dover. Guess where they sent it? Yup. Newmarket.

I wonder how CVS is. There isn’t one en route to work, but it might still be worth it to try someplace else.

Also, if I went home from work via Greenland, then CVS actually would be on my way, because I could take exit 8E off of 16.

I can’t do Hannaford in Dover Fields. There is someone who shops there often who I don’t want to see. Though I doubt I am even recognized at this point, because I haven’t been spotted, so far.

Walmart is out. There’s a woman there who was very rude to Aislyn and me.

It takes about the same amount of time, believe it or not, to get home through Greenland as it does to take 108, because of the middle and high school traffic in Dover on 108. If I go through Greenland to 95N to 16, I avoid that traffic.

Well, this has been an extraordinarily boring post. Sorry, readers. I’ll do better next time.

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